Tri-Rail Downtown Miami Link

Project Description

The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA), in coordination with multiple partners, is extending Tri-Rail commuter rail service to provide new direct service from Tri-Rail's northern most station at Mangonia Park in Palm Beach County to its southern most station in Miami Dade County at the "MiamiCentral Station" in Downtown Miami. The 9.05 mile extension, known as Tri-Rail Downtown Miami Link (TRDML), would provide a new one-seat ride passenger service link from the South Florida Rail Corridor (SFRC) at Tri-Rail Metrorail Transfer Station to the Florida East Coast (FEC) railway corridor, into Downtown Miami.

Public Private Partnership

All Aboard Florida (AAF) is constructing an express passenger rail project known as Brightline. The construction will include the Miami Central Station which will serve as Downtown Miami's multimodal hub, providing connections to Brightline, Tri-Rail, the existing Miami-Dade County bus system, Metrorail, and Metromover.

Project Benefits

Improve rail mobility in the South Florida region

Provide enhanced connectivity to existing Tri-Rail Service and Downtown Miami Central Business District

A one seat ride into Downtown Miami

Smart Investment in Downtown Miami’s Transportation and Economic Future

Public funds leverage private investments

TRDML will provide a cost effective and strategic transit solution for Miami-Dade County. The new service will leverage AAF express train service and station investment, together with the recent US DOT TIGER grant for the needed SFRC connections to the FEC railway corridor; quiet zone funds provided by the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO); and the region's previous investment in the Tri-Rail system. The key to this leveraging is a local investment of $70 million by the public for incremental construction costs by the public partners for the MiamiCentral Station, to accommodate Tri-Rail trains and new rail infrastructure to support the extension into Downtown Miami.

Tri-Rail commuter rail service into "MiamiCentral" is expected to begin upon the completion of track and signal work and substantial completion of the downtown station.

Tri-Rail Downtown Miami Link (TRDML) Environmental Technical Analysis

Tri-Rail Downtown Miami Link (TRDML) Environmental Technical Analysis. (PDF)

Preliminary Service Plan


Take the tour of Tri-Rail's Downtown Miami Link route through this Google Earth simulation. The route begins just south of the Metrorail Transfer Station, where Tri-Rail trains will access the FEC tracks via the IRIS connection. The route terminates at MiamiCentral Station, which is currently under construction. The area where MiamiCentral will be located is highlighted in orange.